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Copyright Collective Of Canada

The Copyright Collective of Canada (CCC) is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation and is a Collective Society that collects and distributes royalties paid by retransmitters of television programs in Canada.

CCC administers the royalties payable to rightsholders that it represents, which includes the owners of the U.S. independent motion picture and television production industry (producers and distributors).

Other retransmission collectives administer royalties for programs produced by other rightsholders, including:

  • Canadian and certain U.S. broadcasters;

  • Infomercials;

  • Major league sports games;

  • Canadian content;

  • Foreign programs from outside North America, and;

  • Music.

The royalties that retransmitters are required to pay are set by the Copyright Board of Canada and published in the Retransmission of Distant Television Signal Tariff. Further details of this Tariff can be found under the Retransmitters section of this website. 

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