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Reporting Forms for Television
Please find below a PDF document that include the following forms:
  • Form 1: General Information
  • Form 2: Small Retransmission Systems Declaration Formulaire
  • Form 3: Information about Premises Served — Royalty Calculation
  • Form 4: Television Service Information
  • Form 5: Report for Systems Operating in a Francophone Market
  • Form 6: Systems Reported by the Same Retransmitter
  • Form 7: Report of Premises Entitled to a Discount Formulaire
  • Form 8: Report of Residential Premises in Each Postal Code

These forms, along with any associated further information can also be found at http://www.cb-cda.gc.ca/tariffs-tarifs/proposed-proposes/2008/20080628-s-b.pdf

Television Forms.pdf

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