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How do I know if my program has been retransmitted in Canada on a distant signal?

Answer - Your program has probably been retransmitted in Canada if it was broadcast on a Canadian over-the-air television signal, on a U.S. signal that is near the Canadian border, on a U.S. superstation, or on Réseau France Outremer from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. CCC currently administers royalties for programs owned by individuals or entities that it represents that are broadcast on distant signals, a sample of which is available in the attachment found at the end of this FAQ. Note that from time to time Canadian retransmitters add or delete signals from their line-up.

How much money will I get for the retransmission of my program(s)?

Answer - It is not possible to estimate the amount of royalties that will be payable for any program or set of programs. This is because factors relevant to royalty payment include incidence of carriage and viewership, factors that cannot be predicted.

Am I eligible for retransmission royalties for a program if I licensed a broadcast of that program and the broadcast was retransmitted in Canada?

Answer - Perhaps, but not necessarily. In general, the owner of the copyright in the program in Canada is the person entitled to the retransmission royalties unless they have granted that entitlement to somebody else.
If your rights do not include the territory of Canada, or if you only have the right to authorize a broadcast, and not a retransmission, of a program, you may not be entitled to claim retransmission royalties for that program.

• I executed a Warranty Agreement before the deadline, so why didn’t I receive any royalties?

Answer - One possibility is that the total royalties due to you is less than $100. In such a case, the royalties due to you will be accrued in your royalty account and paid-out when the balance exceeds $100.
Another possibility is that another individual or entity has asserted a right to claim royalties for the same program(s) that you have, thus creating a dispute, in which case royalties for that program will not be paid until the dispute is resolved in accordance with CCC’s Dispute Resolution Rules.

• How can I avoid disputes?

Answer - One way to help reduce the chance of a dispute is to address retransmission rights for program(s) explicitly in any license agreement(s) for the program(s).

• A third party has offered to administer my retransmission royalty claims for a fee. What do I need to know?

Answer - Royalty claimants may administer their claims through a third party representative, but the claimant must have executed CCC’s Authority to Collect in favour of that third party. All royalty cheques will be made payable to the claimant, but may be sent to the representative’s address, if that is what the claimant has asked CCC to do.

Ordinarily, when claimants have elected to be represented, future contact is with the designated representative. However, CCC may contact the claimant directly, if and when CCC deems it to be necessary or appropriate.
All claimants, including those represented by representatives, can review registrations attributed to them and royalty payments made to them.

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