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Royalty Distribution
CCC endeavours to make a first distribution of royalties for retransmissions that occurred in a particular calendar year no later than 18 months after the end of that year. One or more additional distributions may be made, for example, in order to distribute royalties associated with disputes once resolved.

Royalties collected by CCC are allocated to programs that it represents according to a formula which takes into account a number of factors including the number of subscribers that received the program on distant signals, and the duration of the program. CCC’s operating expenses are deducted from the royalties collected prior to their distribution. In general, CCC includes interest that has been earned on royalties which it has collected and which it subsequently distributes.    

For more information, please see CCC’s Distribution Rules, which are available to represented claimants upon request.  All claimants, including claimants represented by a 3rd party representative, can review royalty payments made to them by logging in to our on line RDA portal by selecting the RDA login button found at the top right hand corner of this webpage.

CCC’s Annual Report is available to represented claimants upon request.

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