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Affiliation Program and Registration with Authority To Collect Form

The Copyright Collective of Canada (CCC) is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation.  It is a collective society that collects and distributes royalties paid by retransmitters of television programs in Canada.  CCC administers the royalties payable to rightsholders that it represents, which includes the owners (producers and distributors) of the U.S. independent motion picture and television production industry.  

Eligible claimants may be entitled to retransmission royalties from CCC arising from the retransmission of their programs, such as movies, documentaries or TV series, in Canada.

To receive royalties collected by CCC an eligible claimant must first affiliate and register their program(s) with CCC. Claimants acting on their own behalf must sign and return CCC’s Authority to Collect form to claim royalties from CCC; claimants represented by a 3rd party must also execute the Authority to Collect form and, in addition, must provide a representation agreement confirming their representation by the 3rd party representative.  The form can be found in the PDF below.

Claimants are only required to affiliate once. However, program registrations should be updated at least annually. CCC’s Affiliation and Registration Rules include program registration information requirements and deadlines, as well as rules pertaining to third party collecting agents.

All claimants, including claimants represented by 3rd party representatives, can review their registrations by logging into our RDA website application service by selecting the RDA Login button found at the top right hand corner of this webpage. 

CCC Authority To Collect.pdf
CCC Affiliation and Registration Rules.pdf

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